Buying a Home

Ludhiana is known as the "Manchester of Punjab" because it is the industrial hub of Punjab. It is also known as the Merc Capital of India. Ludhiana is, apart from being an industrial giant, fast becoming one of the most modern cities in India with spectacular malls and retail outlets of almost all the major brands of the world. Added to its rich legacy that dates back to the Lodhi dynasty (apparently, that’s where it gets its name) and the city attains the spot of a true destination. Being major industrial and educational centre of northern India, and it is the crossroad of many different cultures. Ludhiana is centrally located on the National Highway 1 from Delhi to Amritsar, and is connected to the Indian capital city of New Delhi by road and frequent train service.

Due to its own status and its location, Ludhiana is a fantastic choice of NRI’s to make an interim home. This is exactly what Rajgadh Estate offers. NRIs can find the same level of modern comfort, style and serenity that they find abroad, along with a royal abode in our estate. The heady mix of cultural elegance and state-of-the-art facilities make it a perfect choice for NRIs.

MODALITIES for buying a home.

It’s our pleasure to afford you a splendid experience. You can buy a house in our Estate from anywhere in the world. The following details are required for making remittances:

  • 1. Purpose of remittance
  • 2. Beneficiary bank account name
  • 3. Swift code
  • 4. Beneficiary bankers name, branch address, city & country
  • 5. Beneficiary account number

P.S. - Money should be sent from the bank accounts of the allottees only in case of payment through cheque from Non resident accounts in India. Cheque should be issued from the non resident bank account of allottees only.