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Rajgadh Estates
1 BHK Plan
2 BHK Plan
Independent Floors
Club/Communication Centre
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Map of Rajgadh (Layout Plan)

Apartments Rajgadh Heights

Apartments Rajgadh Heights
It's not about the pillars and beams; it's not about swanky furnishigs, nor is it about spectacular exteriors. It's not about creating a space, but a house. Everybody does that.

It's about creating a living, designing an experience that is all your own. It is about recreating the mystic circle that environs comforts and virtues never known to the world outside its sacred circumference. It is giving you a space that's exclusively yours-by choice, by want, by love and most of all by pride - that's what it's about for us.

Rajgadh Heights, the luxury apartment complex at the Rajgadh Estates, provides you the royal experience of grandeur and exclusivity. Plush three-bedroom stately apartments with well-appointed attached bathrooms and spectacular sky lobbies, all designed in sync with nature, for you to live the magnificence of a palatial abode and the rapturous abandon of the meadows.